It is one stop shop for Shias that encompasses a variety of topics from biographies, prayers, supplications, ziyaraats, tafsir of Quran, Marjas, Islamic laws, poetry, Online Book resources, Online bookstores, Apparel stores, charities and even Apps.

The aim is to resolve the misconceptions about Shia school of thought by references from the Quran and Sunni literature. The idea is to create a complete source of knowledge in order to dispel misconceptions about Shias and help strengthen the faith.

In my research, I was unable to find a comprehensive website that aimed at clarifying the misconceptions regarding the Shia School of thought using Quran and Sunni literature. That is what inspired me to create such a website, especially since it is the need of the hour, keeping in mind the rise of ISIS and local terrorist organisations that hold Shias eligible to murder on the false pretense of them being ‘Kafirs’.

It is supposed to cater to all mankind but Shias in particular in order to help them have a better understanding of what their faith embraces and why.

The audience is not only limited to Shias but Muslims from all schools of thought.

Your feedback is more than welcome and any suggestions highly encouraged.

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