Development of the Quraysh Group

While some of the Quraysh truly believed in and supported the message of Islam and the Messenger of God without any self-ambition, others also believed but aspired for more. They saw an opportunity on the horizon for future power and that path was through political means. Thus, a group formed that consisted of several companions who belonged mainly to the Quraysh tribe. Amongst those who were at the forefront of this power group were some of the most prominent companions, such as Abu Bakr Abdullah b. Abi Quhafah, Umar b. al-Khattab, Uthman b. al-Affan, Al-Mugheerah b. Shu’bah, Abu Musa al-Ashari, Salim Mawla Abi Hudayfah, Husayd b. Hudayr, Basheer b. Sa’d, Muhammad b. Muslim, Ma’adh b. Jabal, and Zayd b. Thabit.

This Quraysh group began its development at a time when the Prophet was setting roots in Madinah. In the span of a few years, the Prophet had revolutionized, empowered, and united dissident tribes to form an Islamic nation. His word was the word of God and the faithful flocked to his calling. All the same, he was still a mortal human being whose mortal life would eventually come to an end. The Quraysh group, who sought future ambition, knew that their power was limited, that is as long as the Prophet was alive. Aware that the Prophet was mortal, hence they bided their time and craftily considered the future structure of the Muslim leadership that would come after the death of the Prophet and what their role would be.

When Power and Piety Collide by Sayed Moustafa al-Qazwini

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