Anyone who believes in the monotheism taught by Islam must also believe in God’s justice.

God is just and He never wrongs. Moreover, He does not have a cause for injustice toward His creatures, for injustice is an immoral action and God is incapable of evil. God is omniscient and never neglects any matter. God is self-sufficient and He is not in need of help from others. He is also the possessor of everything, and His wisdom transcends the universe. For example, the Quran states,

“He is always standing firm on justice. There is no Allah but Him, the Mighty, the Wise.” (3:18)

Another verse reads,

“And your Lord does not deal unjustly with anyone.” (18:49)

A third verse tells us,

“We[1] did not wrong them, but they wronged themselves.” (16:118)

Just as God encourages human beings to emulate some of His attributes, such as being patient and forgiving, God also requires mankind to follow the ways of justice. For example, the Quran states,

“Say: ‘My Lord has enjoined upon me justice.’” (7:29)

Although people may falter in the way of justice, none of God’s prophets or their successors has ever committed acts of injustice.

God’s justice embraces the entire universe and whoever ponders over the existence of the universe and the order therein will not only observe the expansion of God’s justice over His entire creation, but also each of the creations become apparent in all aspects of nature, from the physical world to the biological world, and from the microcosms to the macrocosms. The justice of God is particularly visible in the destiny and free-will of human beings.

Although God’s justice encompasses everything, people should invoke God to treat them not with His justice, but rather His mercy. If God had punished people immediately for their sins, then humanity would have perished long time ago.

[1]Although in Islam, there is only One God, however the formal way of speaking in Arabic calls for one to refer to himself in the plural. This is done to signify the majesty, glory, and power of Allah.

Discovering Islam by Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini

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