Dua Kumayl[88]

A man named Kumayl ibn Ziyad once asked Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib for a way to approach God. In response, Imam Ali gave him a touching prayer and told him to recite it every day if he could, or once a week, or once a year – and if reciting it once a year was too difficult then to recite it at least once in his lifetime. This prayer became known as “Dua Kumayl” (the prayer of Kumayl). Many Muslims recite this supplication once a week on Thursday night.

“In the name of Allah, the Most Infinitely Merciful, the Most

O Allah, I ask You by Your Mercy which embraces all things.

By Your Strength, through which You dominate all things, toward which all things are humble, and before which all things are lowly.

By Your Invincibility, through which You overwhelm all things.

By Your Might, which nothing can resist.

By Your Greatness, which has filled all things.

By Your Power, which towers over all things.

By Your Face, which subsists after annihilation of all things.

By Your Names, which have filled the foundations of all things.

By Your Knowledge, which encompasses all things; and by the Light of Your Face, through which all things are illuminated!

O Light! O All-Holy!

O First of the first and Last of the Last!

O Allah, forgive me those sins which tear apart safeguards!

O Allah, forgive me the sins which bring down adversities!

O Allah, forgive me the sins which alter blessings!

O Allah, forgive me the sins which hold back supplication!

O Allah, forgive me the sins which dash all hopes!

O Allah, forgive me the sins which bring about tribulation!

O Allah, forgive me every sin I have committed and every mistake I have made!

O Allah, verily I seek nearness to You through remembrance of You, I seek intercession from You with Yourself, and I ask You through Your Munificence, to bring me nearer to Your Mercy, to bless me with gratitude to You and to inspire me with Your remembrance.”

[88] An example of an Islamic supplication.

Discovering Islam by Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini

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