Adil– Religiously just.
Akhlaq– Morality.
Al-hakim al-shari– An authorized religious judge.
Auser– Difficulty.
Ba’aen– An irrevocable divorce.
Fugaha– Islamic jurists.
Muftadha– A woman known for or repudiated with acts of indecency.
Haqq– Religious right.
Haq al-irwa al-jinsi– Right of wife for physical gratification from her husband.
Haq al-maiyah– Right of spouse for companionship.
Haq al-ta’a– Right of obedience.
Haqq istimta’a– Right of spouse for physical and emotional company.
Hajj– Pilgrimage to Mecca; an obligatory act of worship for Muslims.
Hejab– Mandatory covering of the female body.
Hijra– Immigration.
Hukom– A religious verdict.
Imam– Muslim religious leader.
Iddah– Waiting period for a divorced woman.
Khul’a– Grounds for divorce used for the wife who has developed an aversion toward her husband.
Nifas– Post-partum blood.
Nufaqa (nifiqa)- Right of wife and children for living expenditures.
Nushuuz– One spouse breaching family law.
Maher– Maher.
Mehr-I-mithel– Comparative or equivalent value of maher.
Mua’malla– Good dealings with people.
Mubah– Permissible.
Mubarat– Grounds for divorce used for couples who have developed mutual aversion toward one another.
Mudaba– Showing affection toward one’s spouse.
Muharam– A woman’s immediate relatives (father, husband, son, brother, uncle, nephew, grandfather & son in-law).
Mukalif– A person who is required to practice God’s commands.
Mujahedeen– People who strive to accomplish a specific religious goal.
Muthajia– Being in bed with one’s spouse.
Reje– A revocable divorce.
Shairiah (shari)– Islamic laws.
Shiqaaqa– Both spouses breaching family law.
Tamkeem– Wife making herself available for her husband.
Tasleem– Surrendering to Allah.
Wakil– Representative of suit; power of attorney.
Wajib– Mandatory.
Wathrebuhun– Described by the Prophet as a light tap.

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