Adhaan: a call for prayer
Adl: justice
Al-Fatiha: The opening chapter of the Quran
Aslama: Surrendered
Asr: Afternoon
Barzakh: The universe that separates death from the Day of Resurrection
Bint: Daughter
Fajr: Dawn
Fitra: Natural disposition
Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca
Hijrah: Migration of the Prophet from Mecca to Madina
Ibn: Son
Iddah: Waiting period for a woman after divorce
Iqaama: The announcement for the beginning of the prayer
Imamah: Leadership after the Prophet
Imam(s) : Successor(s) to the Prophet
Isha: Night prayers
Jabr: Compulsion
Jenaba: State of sexual impurity
Jihad: To strive
Ka’bah: House of Allah in Mecca
Khalifa: Vicegerent
Khums: Religious taxes on wealth
Maghrib: Sunset
Masjid: Mosque
Mumin: Believer
Nubuwwa: Prophethood
Qiblah: Direction to Mecca
Rakat: Unit of prayers
Sadaqa: Charity
Salaat: Prayers
Sawm: Fast
Shura: Consultation
Sujud: Prostration
Taahir: Clean
Tafwid: Free will
Tawaf: Circumambulation
Tawhid: Monotheism
Dhur: Noon
Wudhu: Ablution
Zakat: Islamic tax

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