The Rights Of Allah (S.W.T) Against Oneself

The Greatest Right Of Allah

The greatest right of God against you is that you worship Him without associating anything with Him. When you do that with sincerity (ikhlas), He has made it binding upon Himself to give you sufficiency in the affair of this world and the next.

The Right Of Your Self

The right of your self (nafs) against you is that you employ it in obeying God; then you deliver to your tongue its right, to your hearing its right, to your sight its right, to your hand its right, to your leg its right, to your stomach its right, to your private part its right, and you seek help from God in all that.

The Right Of The Tongue

The right of the tongue is that you consider it too noble for obscenity, accustom it to good, refrain from any meddling in which there is nothing to be gained, express kindness to the people, and speak well concerning them.

The Right Of The Hearing

The right of hearing is to keep it pure from listening to backbiting (ghiba) and listening to that to which it is unlawful to listen.

The Right Of The Sight

The right of sight is that you lower it before everything which is unlawful to you and that you take heed whenever you look at anything.[1]

The Right Of The Hand

The right of your hand is that you stretch it not toward that which is unlawful to you.

The Right Of The Legs

The right of your two legs is that you walk not with them toward that which is unlawful to you. You have no escape from standing upon the narrow bridge (al-sirat [over hell]), so you should see to it that your legs do not slip and cause you to fall into the Fire.

The Right Of The Stomach

The right of your stomach is that you make it not into a container for that which is unlawful to you and you eat no more than your fill (shib’).

The Right Of The Private Part

The right of your private part (farj) is that you protect it from fornication and guard it against being looked upon.

[1] Allusion to 59:2: Therefore take heed, you who have eyes!

The Treatise On Rights By Imam Zayn al-Abideen (A.S)

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